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The Story of Polishing Compound

Date: 2019-07-13 14:19:09
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The Story of Polishing Compound


 The Story of Polishing Compound


When most car polishers faced a lot of problems in 2012, the biggest problem was that polished paint was easy to leave subtle scratches, which made a lot of people felt


very disappointed. Because the polishing compound at that time was a round shape, this characteristics often caused the round polishing compound would crack under


the operation with polishing machine leaving scratches on car surfaces. Therefore, Seol Jaecheol worked on developing a triangular polishing compound, which had a


greater degree of abrasion, great reduction of fine scratches left after polishing. As a result of developing such a product, “Refinish1,2,3” were born. However, polishing


masters needed to use the combination of“Refinish1,2,3” in this series., which was very troubling.



 So, Seol Jaecheol continuously wanted to upgrade the technology of polishing compound. Although he countlessly developed and tested, he ended with failure  every time. But in the meantime he

never gave up. One night he sat on a chair to look at the moon, and he was surprised to find the initial stage of the moon into a crescent-shaped. At that time he was very pleased to shout: "Crescent-shaped, yes, that is what we are going to use to make our polishing compound. It will be the strongest abrasive in the world.” So he started a lot of experiments, and finally developed the R-U polishing compound.

The Story of Polishing Compound

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