How to wash your car?

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Washing your car can be a relaxing and satisfying activity. And you will pay extra attention to especially dirty areas of your vehicle when you wash your car. However, it is worth remembering that washing your car the wrong way or using the wrong products is the most common way of inflicting damage to your paintwork so far 1.


1. Preparing to Wash the Car

Park the car out of direct sunlight. This prevents premature drying which can leave splotches on the paint. Washing your car in direct sunlight also runs the risk of your car becoming hot while you wash it, which will result in water evaporating more quickly and making the cleaning process more difficult2.


1.1 Set everything you will need near the car

Except the actual detailing products, there’s a whole load of paraphernalia that’s essential for the perfect wash3.

Pressure Washer 

Snow foam lance/garden weed sprayer

Two buckets (at least)

Wash mitt/good quality detailing sponge

Plenty of clean microfiber cloths

Wheel brush & Detailing Brush 

How to wash your car?

2. Washing the Car

2.1 Prewashing

Firstly, it is obviously that prewashing procedure depends on the level of contamination, but mostly, we use Iron Zero, Tar Zero and Water Spot Zero to remove heavy grime. In this way, it can avoid pushing heavy grim all over the car surface with a dirty wash mitt in your contac washing.


Secondly, initially developed solely for professional detailers, many now see these dedicated prewash products as some of the most essential items in their cleaning kit.

Professional-style snow foams are designed to allow a thick, creamy, cleaning solution to linger on paintwork to lubricate and lift dirt away from the surface. Ideally, this action will see the grime simply run off the car3.

“A snow foam should always be a part of your washing ritual. In fact, nowadays, our wax and sealant friendly Avalanche snow foam is actually one of our most popular products. The best way to apply any snow foam is with a foam lance and, unlike contact washing, to start at the bottom of the car and work your way up. That way the foam running down will continuously top up the foam on dirtier lower areas3.”


These products bellow are very suit for prewashing and local part washing as well. It is better to use them with foam lance.

How to wash your car?

For heavily dirty vehicles, soap contains heavy cleaning agents.

How to wash your car?

Mystic Water Repellent (MWR) is an extremely easy to use pH Neutral shampoo that gently removes topical contamination and provide the surface with a hydrophobic layer at the same time.

How to wash your car?

Iron Zero Foam is a deep cleaning vehicle shampoo and iron deposit remover in one. Iron Zero Foam can be used manually or with foam lance to create a thick foamy solution to effectively cleans the surface and remove iron contaminants at the same time. When applied to a vehicle, the clear acid-free and pH-balanced solution will turn purple once it begins to react with metal or rust particles.

How to wash your car?

Furhtermore, as I said washing your car can be a relaxing and satisfying activity. If you prefer to hand washing, we have one callde Mystic Bubble is very suit for hand washing.

The Ultra high dilution of Mystic Bubble makes for a very cost effective car soap. The pH balanced formula is safe for all exterior vehicle surfaces and wheels.

2.2  Contact washing

How to wash your car?

This is the process we all know, but again it’s essential to choose the correct product for your application and consider exactly how you carry out the cleaning to avoid inflicting scratches and swirl marks.


Wash your car using a large wash mitt. Before you begin scrubbing the surface of your car, soak a large wash mitt or sponge in the soapy water, being certain to wash out any dirt in it, and begin applying it to the car4. Do not use a brush on the car body, because this may leave little scratches. Furthermore, “Always use two buckets for contact washing, it makes much more difference than you might think. As for the process, start at the top of the car and work your way down, regularly cleaning your sponge or mitt in the rinse bucket. By leaving the most contaminated areas at the bottom until last, this will help avoid bringing dirt and grime up to the top3.”


Our Wool Wash Mitt has strong water absorbability, it allows you to wash your vehicle without the risk of scratching your car with the contaiminants on the surface.

How to wash your car?

Car detailing brushes is the best choice to clean cars Interior,Dashboard,Rims,Wheel,Air-Conditioning,Engine,Corner,made of very soft bristle and wood handle,scratch free,and easily washed for future use,the best tools for detailers.

1).Cleaning dashboard,paneland wheel bolt recesses when used in conjunction with exterior cleaning products.

2.Detailed engine corner,air-condition easily.

3.For interior applications like leather cleaning and detailing buttons/vents.

How to wash your car?

Wool Wash Mitt is best used with Ultra Foam as your car shampoo.

Wool Wash Mitt is made of highest quality wool, extremely soft and it is a long-cut wool.

Wool Wash Mitt allows you to wash your vehicle without the risk of scratching your car with the contaiminants on the surface.

The long-cut wool will grip all dirts in and enable you to clean the surface with the soft wool.

How to wash your car?

Drying towel is used for drying the vehicle after wash. TACSYSTEM uses color coding in order for less confusions for detailers during their work. Drying towel offers an extensive absorption ability!

Rinsing is the simple task of removing all the shampoo and lifted contaminates with clean water. You do not want the soap to dry on the paint and stain it. When rinsing sections, follow the same top-to-bottom pattern that you have used to wash the sections of your car.


Dry the vehicle with fresh towels. Don’t be afraid to use several towels while drying your vehicle—fully wipe down all surfaces that you’ve washed, in order to prevent rust from building up. Make sure not to leave any water standing on your vehicle once it’s dried, as this can tarnish the paint or cause rust.


Microfiber towels work the best for drying all car surfaces5. When you’re finished using them, toss them in the washing machine. When laundering, don’t use fabric softener on microfiber towels. It can become trapped in the pores, then leach out, leaving a residue on the car surface.







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