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Your Guide in Choosing the Best Product for your Car


You’re walking down the street and something caught your attention, a shiny, brand-new looking car. car wax and car coatingSurely this has happened to all of us, we would of course – have a second look. Just like when we see someone beautiful and sexy, we just can’t help but take notice. For someone who owns the car, we want to have the best ride in town and it gives us pride to know that when we drive – people admire our car. How do we do that? Well, have a car that is clean, has a neat paint job and shiny of course. One of the latest buzz about the car care industry is glass coating, this is now the major competitor of the traditional car wax.So for us who are new to this term, we may ask, what is the difference between car wax and car glass coating? Isn’t it the same car polish?Well, here are the basic things that one should know to be well familiarized with the two.


What is Car Wax?


Car wax is something that we are very familiar with, it is a substance that is primarily used after the car has been washed. It is then rubbed onto the body or the exterior of the car. Then a little more wiping off and you will definitely see the shine. Now these car waxes also contain chemicals that serve as the protective layer of your car. This usually lasts a couple of weeks and even months depending on how the car is being used. These types of waxes are mostly made from natural waxes (carnauba wax) and other secret formulas to keep your car clean, shiny, protected and good looking.


What is Car Coating?

For car coating, it may seem a lot like car wax by name and in a way – yes that is correct. Though, this indeed something that has been creating a buzz in the car care industry because of its promise. Shine, scratch protection, amazing savings and most of all - never apply car wax again! Amazing right? Currently, there are three type of car coating products. Polymer coating, Fluorine coating and Glass coating. Among them, glass coating is the new kid in a block in the US market but already very popular in Europa and Japan.This is because of the technology that it uses.
Liquid glass 
and other compounds enables this product to give your car a liquid glass effect which will protect itagainst weather, natural situations like bird droppings, scratches, dust, spills and all those things that just no ordinary wax can fix. Most of all, it can last from 4 to 6 months! It’s that durable.


What to Consider When Choosing Between the Two

Basically choosing between the two is not too difficult if you know what you want. If you are the type of person who would rather stick to your usual routine then you can easily do so and choose the traditional car wax to get your desired car polish. Now, if you have a new car and prefer quick and easy way, seek durability, glass like shine and more protection for paints then definitely want to try liquid glass products to test. See the difference of having a car that seems to be coated with a special shield that helps it maintain its glossy car polish and as well as giving it the best protection that your valuable car deserves.

As time passes by, we get to learn new products out from our old favorite but only better and way beneficial. Choosing the later gives you more flexibility and benefits. Though, the traditional car wax would always remain a favorite too. Thinking of buying a car glass coatimng? Make sure to check reviews first so we would know that what we would get is the best of the best. After all, cars need pampering too.



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