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NAME Quartz CLIMAX 100% SiO2 Glass Coating
Date 2019-07-12 17:04:44
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Quartz CLIMAX 100% SiO2 Glass Coating



Item number: PN.Q 1280

Net content : 50ml SET

Common Uses: Professional car body quartz coating for all kinds of colors.


50ml bottle Base Coat x1

50ml bottle Top Coat x 1

Micro fiber suede applicators x 6

Large micro fiber suede towel x 1

Durability/Specs: 5 years. (Application includes one layer for base coat, one layer for top coat) The base layer is applied with 0.6um thickness.

 Product Description: 

Quartz Climax is TacSystem Professional choice for long term durable protection, ultra high solids, and extreme gloss. Quartz Climax is a two stage coating, providing maximum protection via the base layer and optimal surface properties with the top coat. Quartz Climax is a 100% SiO2 glass inorganic coating exclusively for professional use only.

Quartz Climax creates a transparent hard glass-like layer on the surface which also reflects extreme glossiness. With a separate application of the hydrophobic property, Climax immensely boots up the water repellency of the surface and offering a high quality of self-cleaning effect which ensures the long lasting shininess. Quartz Climax is suitable for all types of automotive paints.


Product Benefits:

Highest Gloss. Extreme Slickness. Outstanding UV & Chemical Resistance. Super high solids coating coating. Great self cleaning properties due to super hydrophobic surface properties.


Warnings: Always wear respirator & gloves during application. Ensure application area is free of loose contamination.



(In a well lit, temperature controlledbelow 25°C, & contamination free environment)

- Base Coat: Frequent changing of suede & micro fiber towels are required.
Recommended Application Area ~ 1/2 Hood Size area - then change micro fiber suede. After even application of base coat across the surface, immediately use new towel and remove the coating residue from the panel. 
Wait 1hr between application of base and top coat.

- Top Coat: Requires less applicators than base coat and is a little more time forgiving than the base coat. Recommended Application Area ~ 3 panels, then switch suede. Coating removal towels are changed at the same frequency of the micro fiber suede applicators. After even application of top coat across the surface, immediately use new towel and remove the coating from the panel.



Tips / Alternate Uses:

High spots are visible for 20-30min. If high spots are found within an hour of wipe off, they can be reactivated and removed with the base coat or top coat (on a new micro fiber applicator) depending on which coating was applied last.


For Optimal Results: 

First thoroughly wash vehicle with Ultra Foam/ Mystic Bubble/ Mystic Water Repellent then remove all embedded iron deposits from vehicle paint pores and surfaces using Iron Zero/ Iron Zero Foam. Next, polish vehicle surfaces to the highest level. After polishing, use Oil Zero to remove all polish residues from surfaces to ensure optimal bonding and durability for the coating application.


Max Efficiency:

1.Apply Base Coat then cure with IR lamps at 50°C-60°C for 30 minutes.

2.Apply Top Coat then also cure with IR lamp.


Post Application Instructions:
- Wait 1hr before topper can be added.

- 24hrs before any water exposure. Unless IR lamps used at 50°C-60°C for 30 minutes.

- Wait 7 days before first wash.


-Keep bottle tightly closed after used and store in cool dry space.
-Keep product out of reach from children.
-Wear suitable gloves. If comes into contact with skin, rinse well with water.
-If it comes in contact with eyes, rinse immediately and seek medical advice.
-Do not drink! If swallowed, consult a doctor immediately and show product container and label.




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