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     Seal & Klin - Side wall tire dressing applicator this combo works in pure harmony, easy to use and very economical dilution ratios for tires, plastics and rubbers giving a very professional unique look over the oil/ silicon based glazed donut look from others on the market

  •   Always look great on the street with Tac System Tire Dressing. Tire Dressing is formulated tire gel which offers a long lasting high gloss to all tires, rubber trim, exterior plastics, and mud flaps. Tire Dressing restores the deep rich color of tires and exterior pieces while helping to prevent color changes. Tire Dressing is extremely easy to apply, simply wash the surface well and then evenly spread the gel over the desired area. A must have for all detailers.


    Total One Essential is TacSystem formulated polishing and glazing compound specially for water based paintwork, which is only 0.6µm~1µm in size, and it has a unique aggressive cutting force, yet it allows extreme high gloss in the finishing step.It can produce an extreme gloss finish and remove fine swirl marks and holograms.It perfectly blends in with TacSystem Quartz Coating ,add layer of Sio2 Quartz protection ,and produce extremely high gloss.

    Total One Essential by TacSystem is a polish, gloss monster, glaze, and pre-coating primer - all in one. Formulated to leave semi permanent fillers and a layer of SiO2 quartz protection behind, Total One Essential enables detailers and enthusiasts to significantly cut down working time by combining multiple steps into one.

  •   We are finding distributor all over the world. Come and join us now~~~!! 


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