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  The Story of Water Repellent Material On a sunny day, Seol Jaecheol and his friends went for a walk in the park. Just as they marveled at the blooming lotus, suddenly it started to rain. His friends immediately ran to the nearby pavilion, but he was motionlessly standing there. His friends shouted to him: "Run quickly or you will get very wet, Don’t get crazy" But he still stayed on. At this time, his friends found that he was observing the water droplets on the lotus leaves. At this time he was very curious about the crystal beads on the lotus leaves. He was thinking: "Why did not the water droplets get into the lotus leaf?"      With this question, he picked up a lotus leaf back home and took out his microscope to observe the lotus leaf careful
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  The Story of Polishing Compound       When most car polishers faced a lot of problems in 2012, the biggest problem was that polished paint was easy to leave subtle scratches, which made a lot of people felt   very disappointed. Because the polishing compound at that time was a round shape, this characteristics often caused the round polishing compound would crack under   the operation with polishing machine leaving scratches on car surfaces. Therefore, Seol Jaecheol worked on developing a triangular polishing compound, which had a   greater deg
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  The Story of Quartz Coating     When Seol Jaecheol was having dinner with his children on day, his children were quarreling over a rice bowl. Seol Jaecheol asked his children: "Why do you all like this rice bowl so much? Why do not you choose other bowls?" His children coincidentally replied: "Because it has beautiful shine.” When Seol Jaecheol heard the word "shine", he took the rice bowl in front of him and looked carefully, and he found that the outer layer of the rice bowl was really shining, and the shine protected the rice bowl.    So he thoug
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  The Story of Iron Remover     When Seol Jaecheol went to the barbershop one day, a woman sitting next to him was getting her hair dyed. Suddenly a drop of hair dye dropped from the woman's head falling onto the ground, which caught the attention of Seol Jaecheol. He was surprised to find that the dropped hair dye slowly turned red, and he was very curious about what kind of raw material were used to make the hair dye.   So he immediately asked the hair stylist, but the hair stylist said: "I'm sorry, I do not know anything about it” He also asked the ma
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