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Item number : REFINISH1

Common Uses : All exterior vehicle surfaces which can be polished.

Net content : 250ml, 1000ml

Theory of Refinish Series



Diagram 1


Diagram 2


The particles of the 1st generation compound have been developed in irregular shape, but it was easily broken during paint correction, consequently it has caused micro damages to the paint surface. The size of the particle in 1st generation varied between 70~20µm. Detailers required to work on each panel step by step, in what we now call “the traditional polishing style”, from aggressive and move on to fine which may involved three to four stages and consists of a few bottles of compounds. However, detailers may still face swirl marks on the surface.

From the issue encountered with 1st generation, manufacturers have then developed the 2nd generation compound in order to prevent the abrasive damaging the paintwork during break down. The 2nd generation compound adopted an octagon shape, which varied between 20 to 2µm. The polishing time and measures were still the same as the 1st generation, but swirl marks were not created easily during paint correction.

Both 1st and 2nd generation polishing compounds were oil-based. When most of the manufacturers were still producing 2nd generation compounds, TACSYSTEM has begun to evolve the development of the 3rd generation compound, water-based; The Refinish Series, R1 R2 and R3. These compounds are in the shape of a tetrahedron, from two dimensions will appear a shape of a triangle. This innovative design creates a much stronger cutting force then the past generations of the polishing compound. The cutting force of the Refinish series decreases when water dries out during the polishing progress. Refinish series consists of resins, which will wrap around the particles when the water dries out, thus there will not be any marring caused to the surface. The work time and performance of Refinish series as shown in diagram 2. The progress of paint correction still consists from two to three stages with this generation, but outcome were remarkable shinny and time consumption during paint correction were reduced significantly.


Why does your car need polishing?

Firstly, one must understand that there are two normal paint systems for most of the car manufacturer around the world. The usual paint system consists of three basic layers; the primer layer, colour layer and the clear coat. The clear coat keeps the car protected in a shinny layer. If this layer is contaminated or covered by dirt, grime and scratches, the reflection of car is significantly reduced and outcome in dullness and less attractive, as shown in Picture 2.

Thus, the reason that your car needs polishing is to remove the defects on the clear coat that might have been caused by different environmental factors. Otherwise, dirt will build up and some contaminants might be corrosive which can damage permanently if not handled in timely fashion. Other than dirt, scratches are one of the main factors that affect the shininess of the vehicle, and considerably owner has chosen the wrong place to wash their car or incorrect choice of car care products! In order to remove the contaminants and scratches, detailers require different car care products and might consists of a certain hours for paint correction to achieve highest glossiness on the paint surface.



Product Description:

TacSystem Refinish 1 is designed specifically used for intensive paint corrections on all types of paintwork in especially water-based paint. Refinish1 is an ultra-cut paint correction compound, which can effectively restore highly oxidated surfaces, water spots, and deep scratches while also finishing down impressively well with a very high gloss.

Product Benefits:

R1 is formulated with non-diminishing abrasives of both natural resin and highly durable silica particles. The result is super strong cutting power, capable of removing 600 grit sanding scratches, heavy topical defects, medium-heavy water spots, heavy swirl marks and medium-heavy scratches. R1 produces super high gloss while leaving minimal marring behind for any follow up paint correction steps. R1 is a low dusting, silicone free, and body shop safe product.



For best performance, please avoid working under direct sunlight, and heated paint surfaces. DO NOT allow Refinish 1 to dry on surfaces. Use ONLY on Cool vehicle exterior surfaces. If comes into contact with skin, rinse well with water. Always wear respirator & gloves during use. If it comes in contact with eyes, rinse immediately and seek medical care.


1. Shake product well before using.

2. Start with a new or clean pad. Used or dirty pads may obtain contaminants that can scratch the surface.

3. Distribute product evenly over the pad surface to ensure all portions of the pad are ready for correction.

Tips / Alternate Uses:

Refinish 1 can be used with Rotary or Dual Action Polishers, or by hand. Clean pads often for best results. Dirty pads being to scour paint when filled up with too much paint residue from the correction process.



-Keep bottle tightly closed after used and store in cool dry space.

-Keep product out of reach from children.

-Wear suitable gloves. If comes into contact with skin, rinse well with water.

-If it comes in contact with eyes, rinse immediately and seek medical advice.

-Do not drink! If swallowed, consult a doctor immediately and show product container and label.

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1.Thinly apply the product on the surface of the metal 2.Rub softly against the contaminated surface 3.Use towel to wipe off the product 4.To ensure there is no residue left of the products, wipe surface again

Do not use Metal Polish on modern chromed plastics, lacquered alloy wheels, mirror finished metals or chrome plate in new condition as these surfaces are softer. Keep product out of reach from children. Wear suitable gloves. If comes into contact with skin, rinse well with water. If it comes in contact with eyes, rinse immediately and seek medical advice. Do not drink! If swallowed, consult a doctor immediately and show product container and label.
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